Econet Foundation

The Econet Foundation is at the centre of our network of corporate social responsibility programmes. The Foundation makes social investments by funding projects, which support those from disadvantaged communities.

Econet believes its future depends on the sustainable development of our communities. We remain firm in our belief that a company’s success cannot be measured on financial performance alone. We believe the true measure of a successful company is its ability to positively transform its communities.

Every business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; it is a responsibility to the people of the communities in which it serves. As a pioneering Company, we are moving beyond corporate social responsibility to social innovation. Econet believes that technology that does not transform lives is irrelevant.

We must provide a service that contributes meaningfully to the improvement of the lives of members of the communities that we serve. Our social role is therefore constantly being reviewed in order to remain relevant to our communities.

Our investment and involvement in the community is in the following areas: